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Hello. I’m Nick Nowak.

Coral Beach Village on the island of Utila in the Western CaribbeanAnd it’s my pleasure to introduce you to a brand new resort community taking shape on the island of Utila in the Western Caribbean. Welcome to Coral Beach Village.

Utila is one of The Bay Islands located north of the Honduran mainland and east of Belize.

I was born and raised in the Cayman Islands and I visited Utila for the first time in 2005. You’ll find getting to Utila is a breeze.

The International Airport on nearby Roatan is one of the primary portals for people visiting from all over the world. Catch non-stop flights from hubs such as Houston, Atlanta and Miami. From Roatan or the mainland, Utila is just a short fifteen minute charter flight which is easy to arrange.

Coral Beach Village on the island of Utila in the Western CaribbeanOnce you reach Utila, you’ll discover East Harbor, Oyster Bed Lagoon, South Shore, and finally, Coral Beach Village with a view of Utila Town in the distance. Welcome to our slice of paradise!

Utila is 11 km long and 4 km wide at its widest point. Much of the topography features lush mangrove forest. East Harbor and Utila Town are located on the eastern end of the island and The Cays at the western tip.

Oyster Bed Lagoon provides a transportation corridor from town to our marina and points beyond.

Coral Beach Village on the island of Utila in the Western CaribbeanScuba diving and snorkeling have both been a big draw for people visiting Utila. I’m sure you can see why. The island is surrounded by the Mesoamerican Reef system, the largest barrier reef system in the northern hemisphere and second largest in the world. But people also fall in the love with Utila because of its authenticity, the laid back lifestyle and the friendly people. You’ll find communicating is easy because the local population is English speaking

Utila really is unique. You won’t find any sprawling parking lots, shopping malls, fast food restaurants, golf courses or gas guzzling SUV’s.

Coral Beach Village on the island of Utila in the Western CaribbeanThe land we acquired for our community includes 300 acres located just west of Oyster Bed Lagoon along the South Shore. Features include the private canal, our marina basin at the western end of the canal, our gorgeous stretch of beach along the South Shore and lush mangrove forest surrounding our village core.

The beach club features a 190 foot pier, a sandy cove ideal for sunbathing, snorkeling, shore dives and kayaking, shaded Coral Beach Village on the island of Utila in the Western Caribbeanlounge areas and our restaurant and bar ? Neptune’s.

Neptune’s provides a breakfast and lunch menu from 10 to 5 and weekend dinner service. Boat captains and there divers love to stop by our beach club for a break between dives.

Our future plans include the outfitter’s center at the beach club plus expanded services at the marina: covered slips, dry dock storage, a fueling station, restrooms, laundry facilities and a small grocery and hardware store.

Coral Beach Village on the island of Utila in the Western CaribbeanOur real estate offering currently includes canal-front homesites and cottage homes. Our signature homesites line the northern and southern edges of the canal. Each offers at least 100 feet of frontage including a 20 x 40 foot boat slip. If and when you do decide to build, your plans will be subject to sensible design guidelines and the island’s permitting process.

We are also offering our Cottage Homes — just a stone’s throw from the beach club and a 3 minute walk from the marina. We have plans that include 1, 2 and 3-bedroom models and the construction process takes about 6 months.

Coral Beach Village on the island of Utila in the Western CaribbeanWe’re proud of the talent, experience and professionalism of our in-house design and construction team. We’ve assembled one of the top development teams operating on The Bay Islands.

So, if you’re searching for an island getaway as a 2nd home, for retirement or for investment, Utila and more specifically Coral Beach Village should be on your short list.

To learn more, visit us at And please feel free to contact me directly by phone or email. Thank you.